About Us

Bearded Wonder Media

The Dream team

Tridot Studios (originally Bearded Wonder Media) was officially started in 2015 as a web development and design firm. Since then, we have added photography to our repertoire and added a professionally trained staff of freelancers. Basically, we're like totally super creative in a lot of ways.

Want to become one of us?

Who we are

We are a team of freelance photographers, web developers, and designers, all with full-time jobs that need to stretch those creative legs once in a while. We work on a contract basis so there's a wide range of projects our team is given exposure to. This also helps us keep a lean business model and allow our creators to take a little nap time whenever they want. We pride ourselves on being preferred vendors for many local area venues and businesses.

What we do

When a prospective client reaches out, we go to a very public space and dance-off. The winner gets to work with the new client. It's actually a lot simpler than that. We gather around the coffee pot, sync our schedules, see what the client is looking for and determine who has the best bet at meeting their needs.

What you need to bring

Your sunshiny personality, a well-built portfolio, and coffee. We built this built this business model to ease the pain of freelancers. We have the legal mumbojumbo, the financing, and the business plan. We just need artists. And coffee.

Thanks bunches! We'll look over any openings we have, do a blood sacrifice, and reach out to you within a week! We promise (just not the blood sacrifice part - that would be weird)!
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